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Winning Scholarships for College, Fifth Edition

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A debt-free college career is within your reach

You don’t need top grades or perfect test scores to win college scholarships. Marianne Ragins, publisher of and winner of more than $400,000 in scholarship money, has shown tens of thousands of students how to fund their college careers without going into serious debt. With her as a guide, you can achieve the same goal.

This thoroughly revised fifth edition of Winning Scholarships for College reveals the latest secrets of scholarship success for anyone applying to college, graduate or professional school, or continuing their post-secondary education. You’ll see how rigorous research, involvement in extracurricular activities, special talents and interests, and where you live all combine to determine your chances of securing aid for college-and how these factors can often outweigh grades and test scores.

Winning Scholarships for College explains how and where to search for funds, then takes you step-by-step through the application process using Ragins’s proven methods. This fifth edition shows you how to:

  • Explore hundreds of available resources to uncover and win scholarships
  • Find little-known scholarship opportunities using the Internet and social media
  • Write a compelling personal essay with help from scholarship-winning examples
  • Uncover awesome college money opportunities as a middle class student, a home schooled student, a student without an A average, a minority student, a current college student, or even a nontraditional student

With over 30 chapters jam-packed with information, this is one of the most comprehensive books on winning scholarships available, revealing where and how to search for funds, and containing step-by-step instructions for the entire application process.

The fifth edition has information on hundreds of academic scholarships – from the most well-known resources to smaller, more localized funds. This easy to use college readiness resource guides readers through the use of the Internet and social media in their scholarship search; and gives detailed suggestions for essays with examples from the author’s own highly successful scholarship search.

Winning Scholarships for College is intended for students of all ages and all circumstances. Whether you are in middle or high school, returning to college, currently enrolled in college, a person with disabilities, planning to study abroad, a middle class student or one without an “A” average, this guide will show you how to secure funds for college and minimize college loans.  With Winning Scholarships for College, Fifth edition, you can effectively finance the education you want and successfully pay for college with scholarships, grants, and awards.

“A few years ago, I bought a book, Winning Scholarships for College (4th edition), written by Marianne Ragins who won over $400,000 in scholarships. The book was well written and I spent a weekend to finish the reading. When I learned that my daughter was a Coca-Cola Scholarship regional finalist and was invited to an interview with the scholarship committee, I contacted Marianne and her office to inquire about whether they offer a service to coach students for a scholarship interview. I got an instant response! We had many questions before the coaching meeting. Marianne answered every question in detail. Not only did Marianne provide a list of interview questions to help prepare, she also provided instructions for how to prepare well and standout from others. My daughter had an interview coaching session and told me that Marianne was so helpful that she taught her how to speak about her activities well in a concise and clear way. We were so lucky and so happy to work with Marianne. Thank you, Marianne! My best wishes to you!”

—Julia T. – Mother of a Coke Scholar ($20,000 award) and Winning Scholarships for College reader

Marianne puts all of her experience to work in this new 5th edition of Winning Scholarships for College!

Testimonial from Julia, Testimonial from Julia