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Parents! Ask yourself the following questions about these and every other organization or association you or your teen may be affiliated with to uncover potential sources of scholarships. These questions can work for a current college student or an older nontraditional student too! 
  • Do you belong to a credit union?
  • Do you belong to a union?
  • Do you belong to a fraternity or sorority?
  • Do you have any religious affiliations?
  • Do you belong to an alumni association for your college or university?
Even associations you may not think offer scholarships could have a scholarship or award opportunity. For example, your electric utility company or an association such as the Military Benefit Association could have a funding opportunity. The Military Benefit Association is a nonprofit organization of military personnel and full-time employees of the federal government that offers scholarships to the children of their members. Also, Alliant Credit Union is another organization with member scholarships for current college students and high school seniors.   

In some cases, if you become an active member of an organization that does not have a scholarship program, you can suggest one. Organizations are often eager to provide educational benefits to their members and to the surrounding communities in which they operate. If they take your suggestion seriously and introduce a scholarship program for their members or children of their members, they may do so in time to benefit your son, daughter, or you. If not, the program will still benefit others in your organization and could also help younger students in later years when they are ready to apply.

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Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines
FOR CURRENT COLLEGE,  high school and younger STUDENTS (elementary and middle)
Deadline: April 10
Students in grades 5 through 12 can be nominated for up to $25,000 in scholarship awards. See chapter 13 in Winning Scholarships for College to learn more about requesting nominations.
Deadline: April 24, 2020
Open to current college students
Deadline: April 30
Open to high school seniors, students with GED diplomas, undergraduate (2yr or 4yr) college students, and students at vocational or trade schools who are 25 years of age or younger.
Deadline: April 15
Open to students age 8 to 18.
Deadline: May 16 
Up to $1000 for high school seniors and current college students. Funds can also be used by international students and for study abroad.
Deadline: June 5
Up to $5000 available to high school seniors and current college students.

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