For Current College Students – An Internship Has Many Benefits

Here are the top 10 benefits of an internship, cooperative education position or some professional job experience before you graduate. This information is included in College Survival & Success Skills 101.  

  1. Earn money for next year’s tuition, books, fun, investments or savings.
  2. Network and build your contact database for future opportunities.
  3. Experience! Prospective employers prefer students who’ve gone beyond the classroom and gotten some type of experience.
  4. You can get an immediate job offer. Many employers turn first to their pool of recent and past interns for new college hires. I received a job offer for permanent employment after college graduation immediately after I finished an internship in my junior year. I had one entire year to think about the job offer and to relax a little because I already had at least one offer of employment.
  5. Your internship experience will help you become more competitive for scholarships, graduate school, awards, and other opportunities.
  6. Your experience can help you solidify a new idea, product, or business that you can get started on as a college student or as a graduate.
  7. With internships, you can make new friends, influential acquaintances and associates you can immediately add to your LinkedIn contacts, Facebook friends, and Twitter associates.
  8. The internship can help you confirm your major and career interests.
  9. The internship can help you explore a new major and career interest.
  10. At the very least, your internship can help you learn at least one new skill and fill up white space on your résumé.

To learn more about scholarships for college students and how to get an internship to help shrink tuition bills and gain experience, refer to College Survival & Success Skills 101.

For College and High School Students – Getting Involved Can Payoff in Scholarship Money!


Active participation and leadership in clubs, extracurricular, community and volunteer activities helps differentiate you from other students. This will definitely help you win scholarship money and also give you a lot to write about in your essays.
They can pay off in another way too. If you are a member of the following clubs and organizations, you may be eligible for a scholarship directly from or through the organization.
  • National Honor Society
  • Junior Achievement
  • The National Beta Club
  • Boy Scouts of America (The National Eagle Scout Association)
  • Girl Scouts USA
  • DECA
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • Golden Key International Honour Society (for college students only)
If you continue your participation in some of the organizations above as a college student, you may still be eligible to enter their scholarship competition.

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Deadlines – Scholarships for High School Students + Scholarships for College Students

Open to high school seniors.
December 5 – Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarship (open to kindergarten through graduate school students)
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January 23 – Live Mas Scholarship (Taco Bell Foundation)
Open to students 16 to 24 years of age.
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