Rave Reviews on Parent and Student Workshops

For nearly two decades, attendees of The Scholarship Workshop presentation and the online scholarship courses available have evaluated Marianne Ragins and the material presented at every workshop and online class for students. Read on to learn how they evaluated the workshops and classes and to learn what they had to say.

  • 99% of those attending the workshop have agreed that the workshop goals and objectives were clearly stated and achieved. The goals and objectives have included the following:
    • Learning at least 12 ways to find scholarships
    • Learning how to use the Internet to find scholarships and help with other college information
    • Learning how to use a SASP
    • Learning how to write inquiry letters for scholarships
    • Learning how to avoid scholarship scams
    • Discovering important items to include for a dynamic application
    • Learning the importance of certain activities in winning scholarships
    • Starting a résumé/activity list or building upon a current résumé
    • Starting a recommendation chart and learning strategies for getting the best recommendations
    • Learning how to write a scholarship essay
  • 100% of those attending have agreed that the material in the workshop was presented at a level that could be easily understood.
  • More than 90% of workshop attendees have stated they knew less than half of the information shared by Ragins during The Scholarship Workshop presentation. 84% of workshop attendees have stated that they knew less than 70% of the material presented in The Scholarship Workshop.
  • 98% have agreed that questions and discussion were encouraged.
  • 98% have agreed that handouts were appropriate and helpful.
  • 99% have agreed that the material was presented in an organized and prepared manner.

Reviews for Educator, Parent and Student Workshops


“She got me re-motivated to put in the hard work.”
High School Student – Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Thank you for the valuable educational information.”
High School Student – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“The workshop was perfectly planned. The presenter was excellent . . . “
College Student – Brooklyn, New York

“Thank you so much Ms. Ragins for all of this wonderful information.”
High School Student – Centreville, Virginia

“Please do more of these.”
High School Student – Gaithersburg, Maryland

“I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. Ms. Ragins was a very good
High School Student – Dallas, Texas

“Great Job! The presentation was very helpful in preparing me for what I need to know about finding and winning scholarships.”
High School Student – Fairfax, Virginia

“Excellent presentation, very useful.”
High School Student – Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Presenter was very knowledgeable.”
Graduate Student – Atlanta, Georgia

“Well organized, well explained. Pretty much all questions answered.”
High School Student – Brooklyn, New York

“The presentation was great!”
High School Student – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“You did a great job.”
High School Student – Centreville, Virginia

“The presentation was great!”
Graduate Student – Atlanta, Georgia

“Great teacher!”
High School Student – Dallas, Texas

“Very informative.”
High School Student – Gaithersburg, Maryland

“Thank you, Ms. Ragins for sharing this information.”
Graduate Student – Atlanta, Georgia

“It was great!! Please continue.”
High School Student – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“This workshop provided tons of good information.”
High School Student – Dallas, Texas


“I loved the handouts and that it was student driven but also focused on ways to involve parents.”
Parent – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“You have helped all of my children know how to present themselves well.   We could never thank you enough!!! —I was skeptical if it could be done . . . in the bottom half ranking, but here’s proof that there really are scholarships for everyone.”
Parent – Fort Worth, Texas

“Well prepared presentation.”
Parent – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“Thank you for coming and sharing this information.”
Parent – Brooklyn, New York

“Outstanding presentation.”
Parent – Centreville, Virginia

Educators & Youth Leaders

“Great workshop which should encourage the students and their parents to begin their scholarship search and service to the community.”
Counselor – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“This was a wonderful workshop. I gained much enlightenment.”
Teacher – Brooklyn, New York

“The way you walked the gentleman through the process of writing a résumé/essay for scholarships was very good.”
Counselor and Parent – Fairfax Station, Virginia

“I just want to thank you for presenting this workshop. In this community, we need it!”
Teacher – Brooklyn, New York

“Great Workshop! I loved the activities!!”
Counselor – Brooklyn, New York

“I enjoyed the workshop. It was very informative.”
Teacher – Brooklyn, New York