Last Minute College Financing Guide


Last Minute College Financing Guide Can Help If You Have the Acceptance Letter, But Are Still Wondering How to Pay the Tuition Bill!


If it is currently the late spring or summer of your high school senior year, you have a treasured acceptance letter in hand, or you are already on the campus and you still don’t have enough college funding, it is officially the last minute for you.

Although it can certainly help your short term relaxation, procrastination is not a friend to anyone. For the high school senior or college freshman (fall term) in search of college funding, especially scholarships, it is your worst enemy. Why? For many scholarships, particularly those for amounts of money totaling more than $5,000, the deadlines occur in the fall or winter of your high school senior year. As a result, when April of your senior year arrives, your opportunities may have started to shrink considerably.

Our Last Minute College Financing Guide can help by answering these questions and more:

  • If I haven’t already started searching for college financing what do I do?
  • My dream college has accepted me. But it’s too expensive and the financial aid they are offering is not enough. Can I appeal a financial aid decision? How would I do that?
  • How do I get additional financing if I’m already in college?
  • How could community foundations or state financial aid agencies help me in my search for college funding?
  • Can my hobbies or interests help me reduce my tuition bill?
  • If I have a student loan, are there programs that can help me pay them off?

Written by Marianne Ragins, $400,000 scholarship winner, the Last Minute College Financing Guide can help you find the college money you need now!


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