19172229-147x233Scholarships for Disabled Students

The scholarships listed below are for those with various types of impairment. For specific disabilities such as hearing or visual impairment, please refer to Winning Scholarships for College, “Scholarships for Disabled Students.” Also, visit the Council for Exceptional Children site for resources and additional information.

Please remember that your disability, whatever it happens to be, gives you eligibility for scholarships specifically intended for disabled students. However, you are still eligible for all other scholarships and can apply for those as well. This means you should use the Free Scholarship Searches section in addition to the search strategies in the chapter, “Research: Discovering Hidden Treasures” in Winning Scholarships for College to find college money. Also, review the chapter, “Finding Scholarships in Your Backyard.”

Use the following short list of scholarships for disabled students to give you a jump-start on your scholarship search. This list includes funding sources for high school seniors, current undergraduates, and graduate students. The scholarships in this list are available to those with any type of disability and for any field of study unless otherwise noted. Please contact each organization to confirm deadlines and eligibility criteria. Do not use this listing as your sole resource! There may be other scholarships available to you based on your specific type of disability, background, and interests.

For additional information about the scholarships and awards listed below, visit the linked web sites or refer to the appendix of Winning Scholarships for College for more information.

Scholarship/Award Scholarship Amount Deadline Administrator/Sponsor
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Program Up to $18,000 per school year October 15 Central Intelligence Agency
Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship Program


Specific to the following fields of study: Aeronautics/Aerospace, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computers/Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics, Science Education

Provides up to three years of support including stipends and tuition offset. Minimum annual stipend is $16,000 February 1 United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation / National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Anne Ford Scholarship $10,000 December 31 National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc.