Scholarship Resources to Help You Find and Win Money to Pay for College

As a highly successful scholarship winner who had to navigate the process of finding and winning scholarships without a lot of help, Marianne Ragins understands how tough it can be to apply to colleges, apply for scholarships and even to succeed in college once you’re there. To help students, parents, counselors, educators and student focused organizations, Marianne has published a variety of books and resources on scholarships to help demystify the process and make it easier for students to be successful in their college scholarship search by providing scholarship search help.

They are as follows:

Combo Packs

We know the college application process can be costly. That’s why we strive to offer helpful scholarship resources at low prices to help with your scholarship quest. You can save even more when purchasing some of our most popular product combinations as outlined below.


Combo Pack #2 –  YOU NEED THE BASICS plus a guided online presentation of the scholarship process

Combo Pack #3 – YOU NEED THE BASICS plus your son/daughter needs help with time management and meeting deadlines

Combo Pack 4 – YOU NEED THE BASICS plus help with time management, meeting deadlines and want guided online help

Online Scholarship Classes