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If you are interested in attending The Scholarship Workshop presentation or another motivational speech/presentation given by Marianne Ragins, please sign up for our newsletter by visiting this form. Select the option for receiving “Information about Upcoming Workshops and Online Classes” In most instances, workshops and seminars are sponsored by organizations. This means you can attend a sponsored presentation at no cost.

Attend a Scholarship Presentation | Attend The Scholarship WorkshopCurrently most sponsored presentations that are open to the general public are located on the east coast in locations such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area; and various locations in Georgia.

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If you need immediate information and can’t wait for a workshop, you can order The Scholarship Workshop Tutorial CD-ROM or The Scholarship Workshop CD for Nontraditional & Current College Students.

If a workshop or seminar has not been scheduled by an organization in your area, you can register for an online class conducted by Marianne Ragins.

Marianne also provides comprehensive step by step help in The Scholarship Boot Camp. Visit this page for more information about the next online boot camp.