The online scholarship classes listed on this page are web-based or teleclass versions of The Scholarship Workshop presentation conducted by Marianne Ragins, $400,000 scholarship winner. The online scholarship classes listed cover some of the most important and least understood areas of the scholarship search and include strategies for winning scholarships. If you are interested in attending The Scholarship Workshop presentation but do not live in an area where a presentation is currently being held with a live audience, then you should attend one of the online scholarship classes listed above. Attendance at any of these online scholarship classes will qualify you for the Ragins/Braswell National Scholarship.

Or you can get specialized help for writing scholarship and college essays, turbo charging your résumé and preparing for scholarship and college interviews, or minimizing college costs and student loans by joining Marianne, $400,000 scholarship winner, for one of our online sessions designed to help you in the areas you need help most. If you can’t write an essay or don’t understand which activities have the most impact and should be highlighted in your résumé, you could be hurting your scholarship chances. The specialized webinars are a great add-on to The Scholarship Workshop presentation teleclass, web-based class, or live class. Or they can be taken alone if you understand other areas of the scholarship process well. See this page for more information about the 60 minute webinars.

You can also get more intensive help with one of our boot camps. The Scholarship Boot Camp and The Scholarship and College Essay Writing Boot Camp are great options.