“Leading the Future II” Scholarship


The “Leading the Future II” Scholarship is designed to elevate students’ consciousness about their future and their role in helping others once they receive a college degree and become established in a community. This scholarship is sponsored by Marianne Ragins and The Scholarship Workshop LLC. Marianne Ragins is the winner of more than $400,000 in scholarships for college and the author of many books and resources designed to help students get free college money and be successful in college.

Leading the Future II Scholarship ApplicationEligibility

  • All applicants must be US residents.
  • Applicants must be high school seniors or college students and planning to attend or already attending an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • The scholarship is not available to graduate students.
  • Documentation of your attendance or enrollment at an accredited undergraduate institution may be required.

About the Scholarship

  • One to three scholarships will be awarded. The scholarship amounts vary.
  • All scholarships awarded are nonrenewable.
  • The “Leading the Future II” Scholarship does not require an application fee.
  • The scholarship will be awarded and must be used in the academic year or period following receipt of the scholarship.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarships are awarded to individuals based on the following:

  • Essay
  • Application
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Achievements
  • Community responsibility
  • Leadership potential


All applications must be submitted by March 1. Please submit your applications between September 1 and March 1 of each academic year.

Recipients for each year will be notified in September. Recipients will be listed on this web site after they have been notified and have accepted the scholarship. This usually occurs no later than October 15. Recipients will be posted on www.scholarshipworkshop.com on or after November 1. Click here to see the current year’s recipients for the “Leading the Future II” Scholarship.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please complete the online application below.

Other Information

All essays and information submitted on your application become the property of The Scholarship Workshop LLC.

The Scholarship Workshop LLC reserves the right to make changes to the “Leading the Future II” scholarship program eligibility guidelines, requirements, and procedures (including termination of the program) at any time.