Scholarship Class for High School Students & Parents

 During The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents, we discuss:

  •  Invaluable resources for uncovering scholarship opportunities
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines for writing winning, personal essays with actual examples from Ragins’ scholarship quest
  • Helpful tips on using the Internet to research scholarship sources
  • An inside look at how to get the best recommendations
  • Useful tips for standing out in a crowd of scholarship applicants

Class Descriptions

Teleclass – The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents

The teleclass is conducted using the telephone (audio only) and course materials for 90 minutes.


Web-Based Class – The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents

The web-based class adds the extra element of being able to follow along in this class by viewing actual examples such as web sites, scholarship search engines, essay writing samples, winning application packages, local scholarship research techniques, recommendations, and much more. For nearly 20 years, much of th

is information has been taught by Marianne Ragins to students and parents throughout the country in the popular and highly informative 3-hour interactive Scholarship Workshop presentation. The web-based class uses the telephone and the course materials. You must also have a computer and Internet access to join. It is a 90-minute class that allows you to see and interactively participate in the class.


Class Requirements


For both classes all participants must be able to call a long distance number at the appointed time. When placing this call you will be charged long distance rates by your long distance carrier. The Scholarship Workshop has no involvement with the rates you will be charged for this call. All registered participants will receive the number to call and further instructions with the course materials package. For the web-based class you must also have a computer with an Internet connection (at least a 56K modem, cable modem, DSL, or High Speed Internet Broadband Access), Internet Explorer or another compatible browser, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Special Note for WEB-BASED CLASS – If you have a 56K modem only and DO NOT have a cable modem, DSL, or Broadband access to the Internet, you MUST have two phone lines (one for accessing the Internet and viewing the presentation using your 56K modem, and one for calling in to listen to the instructor, Marianne Ragins). We recommend high speed Internet access.


How to Register


Please click on the class you wish to register for below:


Class Price
Teleclass – The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents Register for the teleclass » $45.97
Web-Based Class – The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents Register for the web-based class » $65.97


Course materials and the telephone number to call in for the class and/or the web-based class site address will be sent approximately one week before the scheduled class time. This class is open to U. S. based students only. You must give a valid e-mail address when registering for a class. It will be used for sending class instructions and announcements.



The Scholarship Class for High School Students & Their Parents (Web- Based and Teleclass)


CLASS DATE: TUESDAY, January 30, 2018 

Class Time: 8:00 P.M. – 9:30 P.M. EST

Registration Deadline: JANUARY 22, 2018 

Late Registration Deadline: JANUARY 29, 2018


Late registrations will be accepted up until  JANUARY 22, 2018 . If you wish to register late, after  JANUARY 22, 2018 but on or before  JANUARY 29 2018 , you can still register online using the links above, however your credit card will be charged an additional $15.00 once your late registration request is processed. If the class is full, you will not be charged the additional late registration and your full course registration will be refunded. Payment for course materials and registration fees is non-refundable unless class is full.