Scholarships for Middle Class Students

Are you from a middle class household and you want to win a scholarship to help with college expenses?
Are you finding it impossible to find scholarships for college that are not based on financial need?
Do you want to find merit-based scholarships?
Are you wondering if scholarships exist for students living in a higher income household?

Scholarships for Middle Class Students answers all of these questions and more!

Many believe scholarships are only available to students and families who have significant financial need. Often students from middle class families don’t qualify for many of the need-based scholarships. However, they still can’t afford college without a significant amount of student loans. This student loan debt can sometimes put them at a major disadvantage. In Scholarships for Middle Class Students, Marianne Ragins, $400,000 scholarship winner and popular workshop leader identifies scholarships, prizes, and awards you can earn even if you do not have financial need. From achievement and merit-based scholarships to significant monetary prizes you can win in contests, Scholarships for Middle Class Students can help you fund the college education of your dreams, minimize student loans, and reduce the potential strain on parent savings or retirement accounts.