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As a high school senior, Ragins made headlines when she won a record-breaking $400,000+ in scholarship money for college. With nearly two decades of experience, Marianne can show you that scholarship dollars don’t just go to those students with the best grades, best test scores, or best points-per-game average, they REALLY go to those who know how to find and win scholarships. Marianne can show you how to pay for college with her scholarship booksvirtual scholarship classes, scholarship eBooks, virtual scholarship webinars and informative scholarship workshops.

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What is the best time to start searching for scholarships?
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If you’re a student wondering whether you’re ready, take our 2 minute quiz for students. If you’re a parent, we have a 2 minute quiz for parents too!
What type of scholarships might be considered easier to win?
If you’re wondering which scholarships might be easier to win or where to focus your time when it comes to getting money for college, attend The Scholarship Workshop, The Scholarship Boot Camp or The Scholarship Class. You can also visit our FAQs page.
Are you a nontraditional student or a current college student looking for college money?
Check out our Scholarships for Adults Student page and our Strategies for Minimizing Student Loans aimed at current college students.

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