Summer Activities To Help Students Find and Win Money for College    

  • Start researching NOW – Many of the largest scholarship programs have deadlines starting in early fall. For the best chance at meeting deadlines and actually winning scholarships, students shouldn’t wait until they actually get accepted to the school of their dreams to apply. In fact, they don’t even have to wait until senior year. They can win money for college as early as age 6. Even if a student is getting ready to start their freshman year or another year in college this fall, they should start researching in the summer to get ready for early fall deadlines. Once a student gets a list of scholarship programs, web sites, and deadlines, they should create a monthly planner to stay on track and apply for every scholarship available to them. See chapter 2, 3, 4 and 6 of Winning Scholarships for College (5th edition) for help with finding scholarships and getting organized.
  • During the summer, students should participate in at least two community service activities. Not only can some scholarships be won on the basis of community service alone; nearly all scholarship programs want to see students who get involved in activities that benefit others. They also love students who can recognize a school or community issue and successfully come up with a way to solve it. Community can really make the difference between winning and losing a scholarship competition. See chapter 14 of Winning Scholarships for College (5th edition) for more about the role of community service and scholarships.
  • Register for Google Alerts to get e-mail updates about recently written articles concerning scholarships, college, and financial aid. New scholarship programs can be introduced at any time. Using Google Alerts and choosing to “Like” The Scholarship Workshop on or follow us on Twitter @ScholarshipWork can help keep students informed about current and newly created scholarship programs for which they might be able to apply. See chapter 3 of Winning Scholarships for College (5th edition) for more about using the Internet and social media in a scholarship search.
  • Find programs that earn students and parents free cash for college – Although they don’t offer scholarships, programs such as can help with the tuition bill. These are free programs that allow individuals to register credit and frequent shopper cards to earn rebates into a college savings account. If someone orders food from restaurants or does online shopping, they can get college money with this programs. See chapter 32 of Winning Scholarships for College (5th edition) for the section on “Getting Free Money for Things You Already Buy.”
If you need help with any of the above activities, consider joining Marianne Ragins for an online Scholarship Boot Camp or scholarship class.
Excerpt from College Survival _ Success Skills 101_ 3rd edition

For Rising College Freshmen – Getting Along with College Roommates

One of the biggest challenges many students face is getting along with other people, particularly roommates. Getting along with your roommate can help you enjoy college more so you can stay and successfully graduate.
  • Open the lines of communication-Greet your roommate and start talking in a friendly manner. Ask some of the following questions:
    • Where are you from?
    • Why did you decide to come to this university? What do you like about it?
    • What are you planning to major in?
    • Do you play any games (for example, board games, cards, video games, fantasy football)?
  • If they have a smart phone or tablet, start a game app with them such as the popular, “Words with Friends.” If you’re really good, make sure you remember some individuals can’t handle losing, so try not to beat them constantly or at least too easily. It might destroy your budding relationship. On the other hand, some people thrive on competition and it could make your relationship stronger.
  • Find them on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. This gives you an opportunity to learn something about them to form a basis for starting a conversation.
  • Establish common ground-Once you start talking and asking questions, focus on areas you have in common, such as background, home state or city, a love of reading, or rock climbing. This will help give you a jump-start for lively discussions on topics you both really enjoy and can hopefully help you become friends or at least happy acquaintances with your roommate. One student at the University of Virginia suggests: “Go out with your roommate. Even if you don’t like parties, go out somewhere on the grounds. The first few days before school starts there are tons of events going on-going with someone as new to the school as you are means you are in the same boat, plus you get to know them better when you see what they may or may not enjoy doing.”

Upcoming Online Scholarship Classes

July 16, July 23, or July 24
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Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

Deadline: July 31 $1000 scholarship available to high school juniors or seniors, current college students and graduate students.
Up to $18,000 and additional benefits available
Deadline: July 31
College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Scholarships available in amounts ranging from $500 to $40,000
Deadline: Deadlines for each scholarship type usually occur on the last day of each month through February 2020. The next deadline for the current scholarship is June 30.
To get more upcoming deadlines, see  The Scholarship Monthly Planner. NOTE: The last month in the current edition of The Scholarship Monthly Planner is July. If you’re interested, you can purchase the 2018-2019 edition for a 50% discount using coupon code: 50TSP19. Although deadline dates change, it will give you a head start on scholarships that may be available so you can start NOW, before the new edition of the planner is available. Otherwise the 2019-2020 version will be available in August.

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