A Funny Story


My husband and I took our first cruise when our children were very young. My son was 3 and my daughter was 6. It was our first cruise and the most expensive vacation we had taken as a family. We decided to do it because so many raved about what a wonderful experience it was and how much our kids would enjoy and learn from the travel experience, even though they were very young. So we did it. It was three days and two nights. 
Unfortunately since no one in our respective families had ever been on a cruise nor had any of our closest friends, we were clueless about many things. We never realized the importance of reading the bulletin that every cruise ship distributes daily. The bulletin shows the schedule of events and experiences available on a cruise. So we missed a lot of character shows, fireworks, deck parties, children’s events, and so many other activities because we simply did not know. It wasn’t until I started asking questions on the second day and discovered we needed to read the bulletin appearing in our room each night, that I realized what we were really missing. And I didn’t figure it out until the 2nd day of a 3-day cruise. Ugh! 
Are you wondering why I am writing about this? Well, college just like this cruise experience for my family, can be expensive and for some who may be navigating the college experience for the first time, you may be a little lost. If you don’t have anyone to tell you the ‘ropes to skip and the ropes to know,’ it could also be frustrating. So you can’t fully immerse yourself in the multitude of activities on a campus to enhance and enrich your college experience because you’re unsure of what you can do or how. College Survival & Success Skills 101 can give you a quick and successful start in college. It can help you with understanding all that you can experience as soon as you start, just as the cruise bulletin could have done for my husband and I, if we had known to read it at the beginning of the cruise to have the best experience.
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